Students at Brooklyn High School for Law & Tech work with a MoCADA Teaching Artist

The Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Arts (MoCADA) is committed to fostering learning through its educational programs, guided tours and workshops, art education awareness in neighboring schools, and emphasis on strengthening ties with the NYC Department of Education. The Education staff supervises art educators and interns, and works collaboratively to expand the Education component of all the programming areas at MoCADA by engaging other departments to achieve the overall goals and objectives of the organization.

The main programming initiatives in education are: the Artists in Schools (AIS) and student exhibition, the internship program, the volunteer program, the Visiting Artist Conversation Series, group tours, the Curatorial Fellowship Program, exhibition-related literary events, and exhibition-related public programs with a family/kid focus. This summer the education department will continue in its third year of programming with the MoCADA Apprenticeship Program (MAP), a pre-college art intensive summer program co-presented with the Art Department at Long Island University, Brooklyn Campus.

MoCADA’s education programs serve to support the Museum’s curatorial mission by providing alternative ways in which to approach the themes and issues surrounding the contemporary African diasporan arts. Programs are multi-media, engaging visitors’ interests in both visual arts and other mediums, such as dance and literature.

MoCADA looks forward to growing its educational initiatives in the coming years, engaging the community through programs for kids, teens, adults and seniors that use the visual arts of the contemporary African Diaspora as a point of departure for exploring a variety of art forms and conversations.