A MoCADA teaching artist in the schools

The Artists-in-Schools Program (A-I-S) provides a unique opportunity for students to learn and create art with direct support from professional and working artists. The Program educates students about the arts, cultures, and histories of the African Diaspora and offers them an authentic art making experience, by placing art materials into their hands to create original artworks.

MoCADA’s teaching artists are experienced community arts educators, many of whom have exhibited at the Museum. They collaborate with each school in order to create an innovative lesson plan in art history and art-making techniques, which is tailored for public schools (K-12) and meets the NY Learning Standards.

During each residency, students are introduced to a myriad of art techniques, ranging from painting and drawing to filmmaking and dance. Towards the end of the residency, students will tour MoCADA and other NYC museums to learn how to view art critically. In collaboration with the teaching artist, students will mount their own exhibition at MoCADA. They will curate all aspects of the exhibition, ranging from laying out the show and writing press releases to taking photographs at the exhibition opening. This experience enables students to discover other fields within the arts not spoken of in traditional academic settings.