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The French Evolution Race, Politics and the 2005 Riots

Curated by Kimberli Gant [May 25th – September 9, 2007]
The French Evolution is a solo exhibition by emerging artist Alexis Peskine in which Peskine reflects on the diverse identities that make up France, yet neglected in public perceptions of French culture.
Emerging artist Alexis Peskine has created several large-scale images to showcase the intense politics that has been overtaking his native country of France for the past decade. Emigration from Africa and other continents has transformed France into a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic society, through portions of the population have not yet dealt with this changing reality. Peskine’s works reveal an opposing view of La Douce France, a view demonstrating the marginalization of people of color within this country. Through The French Evolution, we hope to expose viewer to another world co-existing within France, but unknown to outsiders.