A museum centered on Art + Education + Social Justice through the lens of Africa + the diaspora


The African Diaspora Map is an interactive, visual tool that is grounded by the perspectives and experiences of people of African descent globally. When you navigate across the map, you can explore different countries within the diaspora. Choose a filter to explore our content regionally across the diaspora.

As much as political and legislative factors provide greater context to us, art has been at the heart of having our voices heard. The artist filter advances our exploration of Africa + the diaspora through this all-inclusive map and not only compiles a glimpse into the long tradition of art in global Black communities but also shows how storytelling is a constant theme amongst the diaspora in having our voices heard.

*NOTE: First launched in 2020 to explore the political landscape of 13 countries important to the diaspora, this interactive has since evolved and will continue to function as a source that provides and visualizes historical and contemporary knowledge about the African diaspora all in one space. New filters may be added to the experience in the coming weeks. More countries will be added to reflect the full range of the diaspora. Artists will be added to reflect our creative prowess globally. Like the communities of Africa and its Diaspora, this map will continue to grow and evolve. So be sure to come back for updates. To provide local information and insight, please email map@mocada.org.


Decide where  you want to go, then explore the artists whose works have been presented at MoCADA.


Choose a location then puruse social justice, education, and community programming from voices across the diaspora. 


Choose your region, then listen or watch media relevant to the Black communities who live there.

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