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Art Credit: “After Belkis Ayon”, a collage by Natalie Peart 

The skies this month, November 2020, seem slightly more settled than October. There is a collective confidence even with the nerves of the forthcoming election. We have gone through so much this year that I do not think we realize all of the ways in which we have become stronger.

Mercury will stop its retrograde on November 3rd and it will square Saturn the 1st and the 6th. A serious conversation may need to be had or you may feel like you need more time to discern what you want to say. Mars will stop its retrograde this month and turn direct on November 13th. Wherever Mars fell in your chart during its retrograde, required that you put on the brakes and practice more contemplation than movement. Hopefully, now you can see the entire play and you know what to do.

Play it like an evolved version of a Scorpio (we all have evolved versions of our sun signs!)

Happy Birthday, Scorps! Shout out to you all for being holders of the deep dive, for incarnating with some raw talent for shadow watching. As much as people like to roll their eyes or clutch their pearls when the phrase “I’m a Scorpio” is uttered, it’s really low key admiration. Your myth precedes you.

The Sun will be in Scorpio until November 21st and then it moves into Sagittarius (I have one friend who laments that she was almost a Scorpio). The Sun will trine Neptune on November 10th, as well as engage in some sweet sextiles with Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn on the 14th, 15th and 19th. Everyone, use this energy to big up yourself and celebrate the profoundness of your life. A new moon in Scorpio on November 15th is especially mysterious. La luna is at its darkest. If you can, stick your hands in some dark soil (maybe do it under the night sky). In addition to thinking about manifesting, also think about miracles. There will be a Venus-Mars opposition on November 9th. Venus will still be in Libra (it moves into Scorpio on the 21st) and Mars will be in Aries. A Venus-Mars opposition always gets me a little excited, so I decree that it will be exciting for you all too.

Venus has a few squares this month with Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn (15th, 16th and 19th). I see this less as an ominous challenge and more of an opportunity to practice heart discernment (something I am definitely still learning).

On November 29th, Neptune in Pisces turns direct after four months in retrograde. Balance dreams and illusions. Whatever you are channeling from the ether needs some due diligence. Lastly, November closes with a full moon in Gemini on the 30th and the Sun in Sagittarius. Our feelings may feel overwhelming or it might signal some extreme. Try to not leave your body and keep those things that help you to feel grounded nearby.


– Natalie Peart


Art Credit: Afrofuture scopes design below by Macy Rajacich. 

Natalie Peart is an astrologer, artist, writer, media producer and yogi based in New York City. You can keep in touch with Natalie on Instagram (@natal_lines). 

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