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Art Credit: “After Belkis Ayon”, a collage by Natalie Peart 

Agility Abundance

Compiled and written by Natalie Peart.

Twists and turns make up the astrology of the month of October 2020. Find new reservoirs for humor and your ability to let things ride for a bit. This is not the best astrology for being reactive – reactive to the point where you lose sight of yourself and of the bigger picture.

We are being asked for a new and elevated kind of growth and the skies are one of our master teachers. We might have to run a few more laps; a task or lesson that we think we have become skilled at maneuvering, may prove to need more honing. How do you greet challenges? Remember self righteousness and victimhood can be hobbling. Feel all of your feelings and then watch. I do not want to downplay the intensity of these times, but I also feel that we are being trained for a different kind of agility.

This month is not all hard work (praise godt).

Fun surprises might come with Mercury’s retrograde from October 14th-November 3rd. The ancient Greeks associated Mercury with Zeus’s son Hermes. Hermes is the messenger. He is the god of interpreters and translators, and my favorite, mischief. It’s only fair that Mercury causes some good trouble while in retrograde. You may have already had some experiences while we’re in the pre-shadow period of Mercury’s backspin. I was in the middle of writing these horoscopes and enjoying my time looking at an interactive graphic of the solar system (cue nerd jokes) when my power suddenly went out. I could have sucked my teeth and rolled my eyes but instead it conjured the image of being in elementary school when, out of nowhere, there would be some kind of outage and the classroom would go dark. All of us kids took the opportunity to shriek and laugh. It was thrilling in the dark for a short bit. I also recently had an issue with an order I placed on a well-respected astrologer’s website and that sent us into a humorous back and forth with jokes about Mercury’s supposed mayhem.


How do we embody more of our hearts? I’m still figuring that one out but Venus might know. Venus is coming through this month with trines thricely. While these are thought of as easier aspects, one trick of the trine might be that we tend to work less hard. They are the gifts and talents that we may overlook because they come so naturally to us. However, Venus will leave Leo and enter Virgo for most of the month. Venus in Virgo is in its fall, which means that it might have a harder time expressing those Venusian qualities. Thanks to the major trine action, there might be more opportunities for Venus in Virgo to find the best channels for its expression (I’ll thank my teacher Sam for that one). Venus will trine Jupiter on the 19th, Pluto on the 21st and Saturn on the 24th. Pluto has been retrograde since April and will turn direct on October 4th. Make sure you’re filling your psyches with good thoughts. How will you reinforce them?


Mercury is opposing Uranus this month and the Sun will square Uranus on October 31st – LAWD A FRIGGIN’ MERCY. Whether it’s change you perceive as good or change you perceive as bad, make sure you have the tools you need to respond with care for yourself first before reacting. Lastly, we have a Full Harvest Moon in Aries on October 1st, a New Moon in Libra on October 16th and a Full Hunter Blue Moon on October 31st. According to the Farmers’ Almanac,the Harvest Moon was given its name because for a few days around the Full Moon, the moon rises later in the evening giving farmers a little more light and planting time before winter. I am often in awe of nature’s intelligence.


And finally, sometimes I do find it hard to exist in the material world, and I am always checking whether I am using my spiritual endeavors as a form of escape. This is a small ask to cast your vote when early voting and eventually Election Day come around. Then again, whatever the outcome, perhaps was already planned as part of a collective consciousness and soul growth curriculum. We’ll adjust accordingly. The beauty of agility.


– Natalie Peart


Art Credit: Afrofuture scopes design below by Macy Rajacich. 

Natalie Peart is an astrologer, artist, writer, media producer and yogi based in New York City. You can keep in touch with Natalie on Instagram (@natal_lines). 

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