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Art Credit: “That Scorpio Full Moon Got Me“, a collage by Natalie Peart 

Slumber into Fall

Compiled and written by Natalie Peart.

Ready. Set. Not quite yet. September may feel slumber-like for some as one planet goes retrograde (Mars) and two planets turn direct (Jupiter and Saturn). We are also preparing for the dip into cooler months and darker days in the northern hemisphere.

I have been catching the whiffs of autumn on some of these recent summer mornings, and I have made a note to really take in the closing days of sun season. It is also time for Virgo to shine. The Sun entered Virgo on August 23rd and will be there until September 22nd (though, based on birth time, there are some September 23rd Virgos). Earth signs do not get as much attention as they should (in my humble opinion) yet they deliver so much. Happy Birthday, Virgo! On September 2nd, we have a full moon in Pisces in sextile to Uranus. Use this energy creatively (I’m thinking artistically) whether it’s actually creating something or applying this energy to something like housework (maybe you rearrange your clothes by patterns or color; or bake or cook something that requires the attention that a masterpiece might. On September 13th, Jupiter will be one of two planets doing a deep yawn towards direct. The other is Saturn and there may be a push and pull effect or a manageable growth of some kind. It’s still early in the non-retrograde phase; the planets need a little time to play out. A New Moon in Virgo appears on September 17th in a sextile with Venus in Leo and opposing Neptune in Pisces. I personally enjoy when a mix of elements are in conversation as we have here. Think about how to embody the positives of earth, fire and water. On September 22nd we have the Fall Equinox when both light and dark exist in equal amounts. 

Where can you aid this balance in your own life?

Mars will go retrograde in Aries this month (yes, another planet in retrograde) beginning on September 9th through October 1st. Those parts of our charts where we tend to be wrong and strong allow for further examination with Mars’s little backstep; or those parts of our chart where we tend to charge ahead may be saying, “think again.” Saturn will go direct on September 29th after a little over four months of being in retrograde. It’s just waking up from its deep sleep so be mindful around this time. Mars and Saturn will meet in a square on that day and the funk will be real. Your inner warrior might have a strong impulse to tear down the structures that currently exist in our lives and in society at large (think abolishing “authoritative” institutions like the police) but all of your tools are not sharpened and at your disposal, and it may be harder to see clearly. One of my teachers once said when Mars does not get to express itself (now somewhat compounded by this conversation with Saturn) it can manifest as depression. Please take extra care of yourselves. Watch the news media that you are taking in. If you can, spend some time breathing in fresh air even if that means just sitting at your window (far from electronics). Laugh as much as you can as laughter taps into a higher vibration and it takes a toll not to feel good. Tell the people who mean something to you in your lives how much you appreciate them. Love begets love even though other forces would have us think otherwise.

As the events of the shooting around Jacob Blake continue to unfold, healing energy is sent to him, his family, and the woman he is said to have sexually assaulted as well as her loved ones. Let these events teach us how to channel our anger into compassionate action as we continue to learn (and unlearn) how we harm one another. Finally, a sweet transition to Chadwick Boseman from this realm to another. Sending support for what his soul wants to experience.


– Natalie Peart


Art Credit: Afrofuture scopes design below by Macy Rajacich. 

Natalie Peart is an astrologer, artist, writer, media producer and yogi based in New York City. You can keep in touch with Natalie on Instagram (@natal_lines). 

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