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All Street Journal | Protest with Art

Curated by All Street Journal x MoCADA

Made possible thanks to the generous contributions of The Ford Foundation, NYC’s Coalition for Theaters of Color, DYCD, and the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of the Office of the Governor and the New York State Legislature.



On View: June 16 – October 31, 2022

Location: MoCADA Abolition House, House 7A Nolan Park, Governors Island

Workshop Dates: TBD


A collection of art donated to MoCADA and created by community members under the guidance of the arts collective and grassroots activist group, All Street Journal at demonstrations throughout New York City, that add to our collective history memory in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, housing justice, and mental health causes.

The artifacts in this collection (collected during the summer 2020 BLM marches and donated to MoCADA in 2021) speak not only to a local history of New York City and the communities that live here but broader trends in American history and politics, as well. The makers of these various signs and artworks were an extremely diverse group ranging in age, race, and socio-economic status that had all either come to specifically make protest art or happened to be at the location and felt compelled to join. The Protest With Art demonstrations were entirely grassroots initiatives, as The All Street Journal received no outside funding to plan or pay for art supplies or communications. mutual aid and community donations drove The All Street Journal and the creation of these pieces.


Here’s a guide to assist you as you explore the exhibition. Just scan the QR code for more.



The All Street Journal is an arts collective and grassroots activist group organizing public art demonstrations throughout New York City in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, housing justice, and mental health causes.

Formed by born-and-raised New Yorkers in 2019, the group supports social justice movements through visually-oriented activism, creating artifacts of social movements and adding to our collective historical memory. At gatherings, The All Street Journal provides free art supplies, including canvases, paint, brushes, cardboard for sign-making, paper, pens, and chalk to animate public spaces with justice-oriented messages and make art more accessible.

Demonstrations have occurred at public parks, including Washington Square, McCarren, Carl Schurz (Gracie Mansion), City Hall, Riverside Park, as well as other significant sites throughout the city. Additionally, the group facilitated the creation of signs and banners for marches, vigils, and other community events. While building a cohesive network of activists and artists, The All Street Journal was frequently contacted by other advocacy organizations for collaboration. Employing purposeful design, the collective created graphics for promotion on digital platforms and painted banners and signs aligned with virtual messaging. By constructing a visual identity for each protest, demonstrations were guided by the desire to collectively educate passersby. With media outlets often vilifying the 2020 protests as simply violent and disorganized, the collective used art as a communication tool to resist misinformation. Notably, The All Street Journal established long-standing relationships with UES 4 BLM by Gracie Mansion and the McCarren Park community by assisting with community programming and providing artworks for nightly vigils.




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