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COVID-19 GUIDE | Health + Wellness


Tips for Mind, Body + Soul

While the COVID-19 pandemic may be wreaking havoc on day-to-day lives, it doesn’t have to disturb our wellness practices. Whether you’re on lockdown and want to stay in shape, or just want to get mentally and emotionally centered, here’s our growing list of resources. Updated regularly.


5 Free Online Workouts by Women of Color

Gal-Dem provides a list of five online workouts led by women of color. Videos include yoga, cardio, and dance classes.

10 Delicious Invasive Plants

A list of 10 favorite delicious and nutritious culinary “weeds”.

10 Ways to Regrow Food in Water

Great news for those buying organic vegetables, but even if you aren’t, here’s a simple way to stretch those grocery dollars just a teeny bit further by regrowing food in water.

16 Mucus Clearing Techniques

Excess mucus is particularly difficult to deal with because of common symptoms like chest tightness and airway restriction. When there’s extra mucus and phlegm hanging around in the respiratory tract, it is especially difficult and uncomfortable to breathe and cough controllably. Fortunately, there are many different techniques people can use to loosen and expel excess mucus.

20 Best Fruits, Vegetables, and Herbs to Grow in Container

Having fresh and handy fruits, vegetables and herbs is not the only advantage to container gardening. In containers, you can grow exotic edibles, extend the growing season, and overcome zone limitations and space constraints.

Abusive Relationships (Support)

if you live with someone who has exhibited abusive behavior, staying home could be more uncomfortable for you—or downright dangerous. Domestic violence support organizations are posting reminders about their hotlines and text support options, acknowledging that being isolated with an abuser can escalate an already tense situation. The National Domestic Violence Hotline can be reached at 1-800-799-7233. You can also visit thehotline.org or text LOVEIS to 22522. Advocates can help you talk through your options and provide resources that can help you make plans to stay safe.

African Drums mediation

Listen to one hour and 30 minutes of African drumming, music made especially for mediation or to just lean back and relax.

Alcoholics Anonymous

Access this list of AA speaker recordings to help you through your recovery process, or sign up for online meetings to connect, share with others.

Recordings: LINK
Online meetings: LINK

ASA Fitness!

The premier low-impact workout, high-intensity evolution, an engaging fusion of modern club movements with cultural African energy into an enchanting upbeat event, a life-changing total body endurance experience.

Virtual Class Sign Up: LINK
More Info: LINK

BLHF Free Virtual Therapy and Resources Guide for Mental Health Programs & Providers

BLHF is a non-profit organization that focuses on providing mental health services and resources to Black adults and children. BLHF has a database of mental healthcare providers, life coaches, support groups, and more. In the wake of COVID-19, BLHF indicates which health care professionals are “COVID-19 Virtual Therapy Support Campaign Providers,” meaning the therapist will offer their services digitally for the time being.

:::Building Resilience:::: Online Qigong classes with Nikesha Breeze

What is Resilience? As we are witnessing great change and massive shifting in our world on a daily basis, we must come to understand our essential ability to reshape and adapt. Our resilience is closely linked to our immunity. Our immunity is a powerful agent of adaptability in our bodies. Practices that bring us into our innate presence, breath, and bodies realign our sensitivity, support our mental and emotional systems, and help to build our individual and collective resilience.

This ongoing series of online classes are geared towards the essential building of our immunity alongside our physical, mental and emotional resilience, and presence of heart and mind within these uncertain times. Working with the Archetypal teachings of MogaDao, Nikesha will lead students through MogaDao’s Mytho Poetic Qigong forms, meditation, and Internal Practice, to strengthen and support the Whole Being.

Monday and Wednesday 6pm-7:15pm and Saturdays 12pm-1:30pm (MT). All Classes are Sliding scale: $0-15/class (to help me continue to teach) and FREE for anyone in financial need. 

Can Dried Foods How-to to Last 20-30 Years 

Oven canning is a preservation method that works to keep pasta, flour, potatoes, dried beans, and more dehydrated items edible for decades. This process uses heat to kill any insects or eggs that might be present in the food as well as seals the jar. This method should not be used for products with more than 10% moisture content. To learn more about this process and follow the step-by-step guide, visit the link in the next column.


Online mental health and stress guide from the CDC. This resource features information on stress and coping for adults and children staying at home, first responders, people with COVID-19, and people who have been released from quarantine.

DAD Work With Coltrane Curtis 

An inspirational podcast that offers glimpse into the new quarantined life an agency owner, a husband and dad in conversation with other working dads.

Department of Health & Mental Hygiene

An infectious illness outbreak such as this one can be stressful to you, your loved ones, and your friends. It is natural to feel overwhelmed, sad, anxious, and afraid, or to experience other symptoms of distress, such as trouble sleeping. To reduce your stress and to manage the situation more resiliently, try to remain positive, remind yourself of your strengths, connect with friends and loved ones and use healthy coping skills. NYC Well’s website offers a number of well-being and emotional support applications (apps) that can help you cope.

Evan Simone Yoga

Evan Simone is offering “pay what you can” online yoga classes for a limited time only. Every weekday, they offer 8 am – 9 am Morning Yoga Flow, 12 pm – 1 pm Power Yoga, and 6 pm – 7 pm Meditation and Flow. Visit www.evansimoneyoga.com or email Evansimoneyoga@gmail.com to gain access to the classes.

GirlTrek: Healthy Black Women and Girls

Inspiration for Black women and girls who value healthy living. Get daily pictures, ideas and quotes to keep you motivated! Plus powerful livestreams hosted by Vanessa and Morgan at GirlTrek.

Heal Haus Virtual Yoga & Meditation 

Heal Haus is a an inclusive space dedicated to health and wellness located in Brooklyn, NY. They offer daily yoga and meditation classes that can be live streamed online. Registration for each class ends 15 minutes before the class begins. Classes are $10 each, or you can pay $20 per month for unlimited access.

MIT Sleep Resources

As many people are probably having a hard time sleeping amid constant COVID-19 news, this page lists guided meditations, bedtime relaxation audio, guided yoga audio, and relaxation/stress reduction resources.

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)

NAMI’s document offers advice, FAQ’s, and resources for mental health services in relation to COVID-19 anxiety. They list online resources and hotlines for those who need someone to talk to during this time. Call the NAMI HelpLine: (800) 950-6264.

Pretty. Period.™

A visual tribute to brown skin. A visional testimony of Black beauty. A vision board for healing. Curated by Dr. Yaba Blay.

Shaolin Qi Gong Breath Exercises to Strengthen the Lungs

Someone asked Shifu Yan Xin (34th generation Shaolin Disciple) about what training we can do to keep our lungs strong and healthy, so Shifu has made this video, where he has designed 5 Shaolin Qi Gong movements that will help us to work on our lungs and strengthen it. Shifu Yan Xin has also decided to give a free 4 weeks live stream training course on Boosting our Immune System naturally through Shaolin Kung Fu and Qi Gong training. As Shifu wants to contribute something to the community in this current situation going around in the world.

Stream 6 Hours of Soothing Music 

This playlist of relaxing, soothing music is available on Spotify and Apple Music created by the writers at NPR. The playlist features a multitude of genres such as soul, hip-hop, indie-rock, jazz, ambient, and more – a little something for everyone.

Ten Percent Happier

Ten Percent Happier’s Coronavirus Sanity Guide is a free guide on how to cope with the stress and anxiety surrounding Coronavirus. This online resource features guided meditations, podcasts, blog posts, and live talks on how to stay calm throughout the chaos.

Wu-Tang Coronavirus Survival Guide

The famed Staten Island hip-hop group put out a flyer urging fans to take precautions using the letters in the group’s name: Wash hands. Use mask properly. Touch nothing. Avoid large crowds. Never touch your face with unclean hands. Go to the hospital if you have severe symptoms. Plus, don’t forget Rza’s Camp Tazo, which offers recipes, tea, and other wellness tips.

Tazo: LINK

YMCA Health & Fitness

The YMCA announced Wednesday the launch of more than 60 free online exercises classes and youth programs to “support the health and well-being of the community,” the organization said in a press release. Among the classes: boot camp, barre, yoga, weightlifting, boxing, Tai Chi and more.

Yale University Science of Well-Being course

Yale’s most popular class ever is available free online — and the topic is how to be happier in your daily life. In this course you will engage in a series of challenges designed to increase your own happiness and build more productive habits. As preparation for these tasks, Professor Laurie Santos reveals misconceptions about happiness, annoying features of the mind that lead us to think the way we do, and the research that can help us change.

Yoga greenbook

Twenty Black yoga teachers are available via virtual classes on the Yoga Greenbook’s website. Accessible, location-independent tools can maximize black health and empower a healthy, happy, and fulfilled life. Join these black yoga teachers with online classes to maximize your health regardless of your location.

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