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Now in our 20th year, our residency program has expanded. In late Spring 2019, MoCADA and our team of advisors will select multiple artists across a variety of artistic disciplines to develop work that critically challenges and expands their artistic practice. This special invitation to work over the course of a 2-year period on Governors Island is not only to assist artists along their creative journey through ongoing dialogue and mentorship by our esteemed board members and other thought-leaders within our network. The MoCADA Creators in Residence program also awards creators the time and resources (including space to work and also to present their work) to fully focus, reflect, research, present, and produce an engaging body of work.[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space][vc_column_text]

Applications for the 2019 Creators in Residence summer sessions, which will be held on Governors Island from June 1 – October 27, is now open. Candidates interested in applying for the program will be asked to submit a proposal based on a specific theme, as identified by our group of advisors, staff, and board. Each candidate must also be able to articulate why the MoCADA Creators in Residence program will benefit their work. No more than four artists will be selected per session. This summer there will be two sessions, each for two months (June + July, July + August). 2019 Creators (residents) have a choice of attending either session, where they will be asked to create a new work/or body of work that brings this year’s theme to life. Their work will be included in a special group show on Governors Island in October 2019.   This program is open to all types of creators including:
  • Visual Artists (photography, painting, sculpture, film, mixed media, digital media)
  • Performance Artists (all forms including spoken word and music)
  • Immersive Experience Artists (VR/AR)
  • Literary Artists (playwrights, fiction, non-fiction, historical/scholarly texts)
  • Curators / Activists / Archivists
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