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Whether it’s House, Blues, Bounce, Hip-Hop, Afrobeat, or Techno, Black music has birthed soundtracks for people all around the globe. The Audiophiles podcast on MoCADA Radio highlights these contributions via our favorite music-makers, curated by Run P..

Episode #15: 80’s Park Jams
Featured Artist: Boogie Blind
IG: @boogieblind

Let the sun shine in with The X Factor DJ Boogie Blind for Ep. 15 of Audiophiles where we take it back to the block party with 60 minutes of feel-good 80s park jams. Expect music from Hip-Hop innovators, like Mantronix, Afrika Bambaataa, Spoonie Gee, and much more on deck. Whether you’re playing spades or just kickin it with kinfolk, there’s something in the mix for everybody at the cookout. So pull up, press play, and enjoy the ride.

Episode #14: PIANO MIX
Featured Artist: San Farafina
IG: @sanfarafina

You’re not ready for San Farafina. Having already conquered Paris, London, Lisbon, and more, this highly-sought after DJ who calls Montreal, Canada home delivers a captivating, high-energy set just right for global ears. Did we mention that she’s also a member of the internationally-acclaimed music-meets-culture collective, Moonshine? Receipts for days…

Episode #13: All Black Everything
Featured Artist: Quest?onmarq
IG: @callmequestion

Join critically acclaimed DJ/Producer Quest?onmarq as they leave no stone unturned for “All Black Everything”, an exploration through the founding sounds of Techno. Go beneath the surface to explore the connections between the history of the music genre and the new perspectives rising from the underground.

Episode #12: Iere Now and Long Ago: A Survey of Trinidadian Music
Featured Artist: Cooper Libre
IG: @cooper.libre

Celebrate independence ahead of Labor Day weekend in BK with Cooper Libre as he takes us on a journey through the rich musical history of Iere, now known as Trinidad. This mix centers Calypso, a versatile poetic genre rooted in African oral culture, with influences from Venezuela, Martinique, Haiti and Grenada, among others. “Iere Now and Long Ago” covers the very wide gamut of these dynamic sounds from before the 1960s while helping soothe some of the Carnival tabanca from the covid-related cancellations of festivities in London, Toronto and NYC.

Episode #11: I’m Black & I’m Proud 
Featured Artist: clockworkdj
IG: @clockworkdj

The famous phrase “Say it loud! I’m Black & I’m Proud”, popularized by the Godfather of Soul himself, James Brown, has become the universal expression championing Blackness worldwide. Listen as renowned American DJ, Clockworkdj, conveys this celebratory feeling on this special Juneteenth Edition Mix of Audiophiles with music from Curtis Mayfield, Marvin Gaye, and more!

Episode #10: Pa Frente
Featured Artist: Afreekassia
IG: @afreekassia

“Pra Frente” translates to “forward” in Portuguese, an expression of positivity or optimism. Here Brazilian DJ Afreekassia reels us into a much needed state of mind through sounds delivered by Portuguese speakers from the African Diaspora. Whether in the form of Kizomba, Brazilian funk, Afrohouse, or Kuduro, this mix aims to to sonically connect the African Diaspora from Brazil to Angola, Mozambique to Portugal.

Episode #9: Sanctuary
Featured Artist: JJAQ
IG: @jjaq.cf

We’ve got mad love for Rotterdam based DJ, JJAQ, and you will too once you dive into “Sanctuary”, his contribution to MoCADA Audiophiles. Glide across the dance floor as he cues up 47 minutes of shea butter, sunshine, and soul. It’s everything you ever wanted from deep ’80s Funk cuts, to Electro, and more.

Episode #8: On Time
Featured Artist: Hourglass
IG: @djhourglass

Join us on a journey through Soul, Hip-Hop, Dancehall, Funk, House, and R&B as Atlanta’s Hourglass (WERC Crew) explores the roots of “time” in Black culture worldwide. With additional words of wisdom from Viola Davis, Barack Obama, as well as Noeline Carabo (and more) closeout Black History Month with a snapshot of our timeless communities uprooting, remixing, and replanting the clock as a way of life. Dig in!

Episode #7: Something Extra
Featured Artist: Rimarkable
IG: @iamrimarkable

Witness the union of Hip-Hop and House Music as we celebrate Black History Month through the classic Hip House movement of Chicago, Detroit, and New York. Join @dirt_tech_reck‘s own DJ, producer, and vocalist, DJ Rimarkable, as she showcases exactly how it thrived during the late 80s and early 90s, and gave birth to the global music movements we know/love today.⁠ ⁠

Episode #6: Diasporadelic
Featured Artist: EZRAKH
IG: @ezrakh

Episode 6 of Audiophiles finds us with DJ, Producer, and Instrumentalist EZRAKH as he dives into the deep end of the diaspora showing how vast the legacy truly is. Touching on everything from Minnie Ripperton and Suzi Analogue to Miriam Makeba and Nuyorican Soul no stone is left unturned in this 90 minute journey. Press play and bathe in the sonic inspiration of EZRAKH’s upcoming album “Infinity: Sankopha & 87” out now!

Episode #5: Protect This House
Featured Artist: musclecars
IG: @musclecars.nyc

musclecars, a DJ/Producer duo from NYC, serve up 60 minutes of vinyl in this episode in the way that we love. Gear up for Record Store Day this weekend by entering the musclecars’ world of sound. Featuring contemporary House records that pay homage to ’90s classic cuts full of crackles and pops to give listeners a sense of what it felt like during that time. You might even hear the record skip, but that just adds to the flavor.

Episode #4: Fi Di Road (Parkway Edition)
Featured Artist: Wah Gwan Twon
IG: @WahGwanTwon

MoCADA’s back reppin’ our home city with Wah Gwan Twon as he puts together a carnival postcard from Brooklyn’s Eastern Parkway to keep the party going fi di road and beyond.

Episode #3: Psychedelic Soul and Hologram Funk
Featured Artist: SassyBlack
IG: @SassyBlackcat

Seattle-based Afrofuturist singer, songwriter, producer, SassyBlack, who’s traveled the world in performance, offers listeners an intergalactic journey through what she calls Psychedelic Funk and Hologram Funk. In this mix, she highlights some of her favorite recording artists hailing from the West Coast.

Episode #2: Unsung Heroes of Afrobeat + Afro House
Featured Artist: KG
IG: @Karennyamekg

This installment of Audiophiles features a mix from London’s Rhythm Goddess, KG, celebrating the music of overlooked figures in Afrobeat and Afro House. Her high-energy, multi-dimensional DJ sets match her hypnotic production style, merging African polyrhythmic beats, euphoric melodies and hard-hitting basslines.

Episode #1: Women History Makers of the Diaspora
Featured Artist: Fly Hendrix
IG: @FlyHendrix

Fly Hendrix is a dedicated DJ/Producer with an eclectic soulful taste. Co-Founder of Cape Town’s legendary brand ‘Vinyl Digz’ established in 2011, well-known for its ability to facilitate genuine connection, diversity and beautiful energy in any city.