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Join MoCADA and special guests for solution-based convos about relationships, community, self-love, and more in this series moisturized by our host, Specks “Funky” Johnson. Tune in for joy, growth, and healing through honest down to earth discussions with The Love Doctor.

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Episode 3: Fresh Faces & Literature with Guest George M. Johnson

George M. Johnson’s memoir, All Boys Aren’t Blue, is currently the second most-banned book in the US. Blame polarizing anti-LGBTQ+ sentiments and white supremacist perspectives for the censoring of this very necessary literary work, which explores what life is like growing up Black and queer. In this episode of The Love Doctor, the celebrated author, journalist, and activist joins our host to unpack some of the conservative views within our own community, and what the road to reconciliation would mean for Black people. Listen now.

Want more of George M. Johnson? Find them on IG:@iamgmjohnson and get a copy of their newest memoir out now, We Are Not Broken.


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1 Mr. Coop “Honey Bun” (Bremix)
2 Neck “Cherry M3”
3 Sampology “Thicker Than Water” (ft. Tiana Khasi).
4 Horace Brown. “One for the Money”

Episode 2: Self-Love on Tap with Guest Rachel Cargle

As the founder and CEO of The Loveland Foundation, Rachel Cargle has made it her mission to make therapy accessible to Black communities, with an emphasis on women and girls. In this episode of The Love Doctor, Rachel joins our funktastic host Specks to explore all things self-care, from barriers to best practices, and more. Tune in to dive deep and listen to some of your R&B favorites, like Pink Siifu and Raveena, too.

Want to follow Rachel? Follow her @rachel.cargle on Instagram, and don’t forget to check out her latest book, On a Renaissance of Our Own now available in bookstores.


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1 Mr. Coop “Honey Bun” (Bremix)
2 Pink Siifu, Fly Anakin, Fousheé. “Creme’s Interlude”
3 Thundercat & Tame Impala “No More Lies”
4 Willie Hutch “Hospital Prelude of Love Theme”.
5 SZA “SOS” (Remix by Keenyn Omari)
6 Raveena “Temptation”
7 Letta Mbulu “What’s Wrong With Groovin'”

Episode 1: Meet the Love Doctor aka Specks “Funky” Johnson

Join us as we kick off The Love Doctor with host Specks “Funky” Johnson. Listen in as we connect with community about Black love, then vibe out to Sade, Outkast, Sault and more.

Want to follow Specks? Follow him @speckstheallmighty1 on Instagram.


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1 Mr. Coop “Honey Bun” (Bhremix).
2 Sade “No Ordinary Love”
3 Tony! Toni! Toné! “Anniversary”
4 Ojerime “Give It Up 2 Me”
5 Sault “Miracles”
6 OutKast “Prototype”

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