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An Introduction to The United Order of the Tents

Explore the lasting legacy of Black women as organizers through the history and lens of The United Order of the Tents, a 154-year-old benefit society centered on abolition and dedicated to wellness in Black communities across America.

Founded and led by Black women, it is the oldest organization of its kind with chapters nationwide, including the Grand United Order of the Tents located at 87 Macdonough Street in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn.

Watch the special conversation with members of the Tents during Womens’ History Month 2021, as they journeyed through their roots as pillars of the Underground Railroad to the guiding principles that inform their community work which has sustained the livelihood of Brooklyn residents for decades.


This event was presented by Macon Street Branch Library in Brooklyn in partnership with MoCADA. To learn more about the Tents, join, or donate, visit their website, HERE.