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Artist Talk: Salifou Lindou (BAM DanceAfrica 2024)


As a BAM DanceAfrica 2024 art partner, this year celebrating the cultural contributions of Cameroon, MoCADA presents an artist talk with Douala-based artist Salifou Lindou in conversation with journalist Marie-Ange Zibi. Together they explore the world of Lindou’s art, the art scene on the continent and in Cameroon more specifically, and of course, the detailed themes found within “La Course, 2” (the mixed-media artwork commissioned and curated by MoCADA’s Executive Director + Chief Curator, Amy Andrieux, as part of BAM’s festivities).

Brooklyn Academy of Music’s (BAM) DanceAfrica is a weekend-long festival held annually for 47 years in Fort Greene, Brooklyn to celebrate the arts and culture of the African diaspora. With a new nation to spotlight every year,  in 2024 BAM will celebrate Cameroon from May 24-27,  via indoor and outdoor performances, live music, a film series, master classes, education programs, and an outdoor bazaar.

“La Course 2” by Salifou Lindou explores the perceived conflict between notions of challenge and play. The mixed-media work, done in acrylic, pastel, and collage on canvas, depicts a scene of running and playing, with gestures that express intense determination. The two shapes dance across the canvas, evoking momentum and urgency, and seem to merge into one, symbolizing the unity of the individual working to surpass past efforts.



Cameroonian, b. 1965
IG: @lindoufs

A self-taught multidisciplinary artist, Salifou Lindou Founata grew up in Foumban, Cameroon, where he was inspired by trips to the local palace museum. Largely self-taught, he had a foundation year at the Ecole Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs. In 1998 he co-founded the design collective Kapsiki Circle, a collective of fellow Cameroonian artists such as Blaise Bang, Hervé Yamguen, Hervé Youmbi, and Jules Wokam, who are dedicated to to introducing the arts to the next generation of creatives in Douala by organizing exhibitions, projects and residencies. The collective focuses on public art and workshops with youths.

While Salifou Lindou started his career mainly creating installations, sculptures and mixed collages on canvas, He also works in painting, video, and has experimented with materials such as glass, leather, and metal. Lindou’s signature portrait works consist of dynamic tangled lines of pastels and acrylic paint. His pastels emerge from an energetic and spontaneous tangle of lines and strokes. If the artist deals with topical issues, he always illustrates the passion and desire to live in opposition to the vulnerability of the body. He puts forward the duality of human beings: between strength and weakness, immobility and movement, peace and chaos.

On paper and on canvas, Lindou explores the complexity of human beings through scenes of daily urban life, fed with references to legends and classics, whilst within modern painting. From internal fights to TV debates, going through political instability that leads to an exodus, the work of Lindou talks about and starts from daily life. It is both introspective and inspired by his observation of society. Lindou participated in the 1998 Dak’Art Biennale. His public art installation Face à l’eau​​ (2008–10), composed of brightly colored screens, is located on Douala’s Wouri River banks. In 2022, Lindou celebrated the 30th anniversary of his career.

However, it is his participation in the 1-54 London art fair in 2020 with AFIKARIS Gallery, which truly marked his recognition on the international art scene. Since then, his work has been featured in numerous international fairs such as Art Paris (France); Investec Cape Town (South Africa) and 1-54 New York (USA). It has also been part of exhibitions in institutions including the National Museum of Yaounde (Cameroon); Institut des Cultures de l’Islam (France); Art Hub Copenhagen (Denmark). Finally, Lindou represented Cameroon at the last Venice Biennale (2022). Salifou Lindou’s first solo institutional exhibition in Europe will take place in spring 2024 at the Ettore Fico Museum in Turin, Italy.

Salifou Lindou he lives and works in Douala.

Made possible thanks to Brooklyn Academy of Music, NYC Department of Cultural Affairs, and the Ford Foundation.