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Reintrification: A Black-owned Cannabis shop

Beyond being the first black-owned cannabis dispensary in Portland, OR – Green Hop co-owners, KC and Nicole, are disrupting the notion of gentrification with a new term: Reintrification. They are also running the Green Hop Academy where they teach and educate their community (unapologetically black) on ways to run a business in the cannabis trade.


The term “reintrification”, coined by rapper Roxanne Shante, celebrates individuals who are returning to a community that once pushed them out to make positive change. In the video, you’ll hear from Green Hop’s co-owners and students and how the Academy has made a positive impact in their lives.


Video courtesy of Story Arc, a Portland-based cinematic journalism workshop sponsored by the University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication and the Agora Journalism Center. Originally published for The Oregonian.