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MoCADA Films Residency

MoCADA Films, which launched in 2020, is an initiative dedicated to expanding the narrative of Africa and the diaspora through the art of the moving image. Filmmakers participating in this program receive funds to realize new films (short, feature length, and/or series), which are further supported via distribution.

Made possible thanks to generous gifts from:

warner media 150

WarnerMedia OneFifty partners with industry festivals like Urbanworld, along with production companies such as Color Farm Media, led by Erika Alexander and Ben Arnon; podcasts such as Latino Rebels; and arts and culture organizations such as MoCADA, The Moth, Blackstar and New Orleans Film Society to bring innovation to the big screen. Learn More

Watch 3 feature film/series trailers from rising filmmakers that are included in the WarnerOnefifty portfolio via MoCADA.

Created + Executive Produced by Stacey Muhammad & Michael A. Pinckney (IG: @blackafminidocs)

A mini doc series celebrating the beauty, complexity and diversity of being BLACK through the lens of our cultural production. The series highlights thriving communities and cultural movements that are unapologetically Black as f*ck.

Written + Directed + Produced by Celia C. Peters (IG: @celiacpeters)
Animation by KASH + Featuring the voices of Cree Summer, Kristin Fulton, Shomari Love and Amari Kelly

Godspeed is a new kind of project, on the landscape of American science fiction. bringing a new face and voice to the genre, this films is a love child of eves bayou, black mirror, and Philip k dick’s electric dreams. Here’s the animated concept scene for the soon-to-be live action, afrofuturist thriller.

Written and Directed by Nicolas Premier (IG: @NicolasPremier_)

From the creator of Africa is the Future comes an art film that follows Antoinette upon her arrival on the shore of a little seaside town. Having crossed the sea to meet her loved one, she finds herself in the deserted streets for a last dance before the sun goes up

Watch 4 short film trailers from emerging filmmakers that make up the inaugural MoCADA films cohort.

Written, Directed + Scored by Leah Solomon (IG: @leahsxlo)

Inspired by the director’s encounter with author Monique Witting’s Les Guerilleres, JIGNA is an experimental homage extending further the energetic mythos of Witting’s book. A ceaseless constellation of sound, poetics, and cinematic invention unfolding in four immersive chapters. JIGNA is a swelling incantation, communicating through futurism and faith. 

Written + Directed by Zola Jourdan Savage (IG: @zolajourdan)

A coming-of-age film that follows a southern teen wallflower as he copes with an assault while coming to terms with his sexuality in Baltimore City.

Directed by Adama Delphine Fawundu (IG: @adamadelphine)

How Great Is Our God is an experimental short film by Adama Delphine Fawundu that centers Black women’s bodies within the most mundane and peaceful settings where everything moves in slow motion. Perhaps in this slow and mundane space we can reflect on humanity, and the fact that Black women are nature; They are the stars and the universe. Black women are luminous.

Written + Directed by The Critics Company (IG: @thecritics001)

A sci fi film by Nigerian teenage film production The Critics Company, which follows three teenagers’ journey into a community forest on a quest to find diamonds in a forbidden temple, that no one has ever seen only heard of. The scare and hunt begin when the forest begins to haunt them. Will they ever get out?

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