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Fried Dynamite FM is the brainchild of Run P. aka Righteous Jones, featuring his ultra groovy host, Specks “Funky” Johnson, who take you on a Blacktastic joyride through soul music then and now in this MoCADA Radio podcast.

Celebrate the history of Africa via The Independents, a new MoCADA podcast produced by Mamoussa that explores the regional events that sparked revolutions, to the conversations, political speeches, and music that activated the pursuit for freedom.

Join MoCADA and special guests for solution-based convos about self-love, relationships, community, and more in this podcast moisturized by our host, Specks “Funky” Johnson. Tune in for joy, growth, and healing through honest down to earth discussions with The Love Doctor.

Whether it’s House, Blues, Bounce, Hip-Hop, Afrobeat, or Techno, Black music has birthed soundtracks for people all around the globe. The Audiophiles podcast on MoCADA Radio highlights these contributions via our favorite music-makers, curated by Run P..

Listen to MoCADA Radio’s curated playlist of the top rated songs from our staff for your listening pleasure. Or dive deep into themed playlists made by some of our favorite music makers. Just please play to listen on Spotify.