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Lift Every Voice

Curated by: AIS Students + Teaching Artists Kimberly Becoat (collaging and painting, Bernard Foy (poetry, songwriting and filmmaking), plus Monique McField and Derrick Appo (painting)


Made possible thanks to the generous contributions of:



The Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Arts (MoCADA) presents “Lift Every Voice”, a student-led exhibition featuring works made by students from  PS 375 – Jackie Robinson School, PS 316 Elijah Stroud School of Excellence, and MS 267 Math, Science, and Technology.


As part of the 2022 season of MoCADA’s Artists in Schools program, we hope to inspire your students to identify the many ways they can use their voice/art to support those in need, ignored, or misunderstood. Who are the people who make their world go around? Who are the pillars of their community? What inspiring stories exist in their neighborhood that they would like to tell/share? Where do they find joy? What makes them smile, feel free, and proud to be who they are? .


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Featured Art

Many thanks to School Coordinators, Aides, Teachers, and Administration including:

  • Elijah Stroud: Sheila Garrett, Assistant Prinicipal Karen Weekes and Principal Olga Maluf
  • Jackie Robinson: Julieth Kennedy Yearwood and Principal Mecca Geters
  • MS 267: Kirieff Pettway

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